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Montażownice demontażownice Airdraulic AX Butler

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Airdraulic AX

Airdraulic AX

Ergonomic design for easy operations.
Intelligent pneumatic drive: adapts operating speed to mounting and demounting.
A four arm clamping device ("Tulip" design).
Hydraulic roller system totally controlled for bead loosening.
Safely handles ultra low profile tyres.
Plastic mounting/demounting head avoiding any damage on alu rims and reducing the bead stress.
Three point articulating mounting/demounting arm.
Plastic sleeve bead lever protector.
Adjustable, removable wheel support.
An eight compartment tool storage.


Exclusive hydraulic roller system.

The rollers allow easy penetration between the tyre and the rim.
The lower roller can be a helpful tyre lifter while the upper roller is used as a bead depressor in the demounting phase.


"Tulip" Wheel Centering and Clamping System.

The tulip system allows rapid clamping of both steel and alloy rims without risk of damaging rim.
The central spring-loaded support, allows the operator to choose the desired operating height.
Clamps wheels up to 26" with the (optional) extension kit.


Synthetic tool.

Unlike standard metal tools, the synthetic tool allows you to work close to the rim getting an easier bead extraction (even with not perfectly round rims).
Essential when mounting/demounting ultra low-profile tyres, including the new BSR, PAX and SST run-flat types.

New and powerful fast bead seating Inflation FI (optional)

For all rim dimensions.
Supplied with a security device,which preserves the operator safety in case of improper use.

Technical data Airdraulic AX
Chuck rotation speed
15 rpm
Recommended air supply
8 - 10 bar
Max wheel diameter
Vertical bead loosener opening
490 mm (19")
Inner camping
12" - 24"
Outer camping
12" - 24"
Bead loosener force (each roller)
2000 kg
Noise level
<72 db