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Librak 380 Butler

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Librak 380
Librak 380 (1)

Librak 380 is a new professional Butler’s wheel balancer. Ensures the maximum precision and quick wheel balancing process thanks to 3 automatic wheel dimensions measurements. Balancing process starts automatically when the wheel guard is lowered. An electro-pneumatic brake holds the wheel in position.

The digital distance and diameter gauge allows also to choose the desired balancing program without searching it in the menu. This wheel balancer is equipped with a new software and 3D graphics.

Easy operation thanks to interactive inputs, which guide the operator during all the phases of the balancing process.

The bright 19’’ monitor and led lights illuminating the inside of the rim grant optimal visibility even in poor lightning conditions.

Large access space to the rim,

Front dashboard with large compartments and an additional appendix weight tray,

Gauge arm with new clamp for weights application and the possibility of interior run-out.



Librak 380

Librak 380S - Laser pointer for weight positioning.

Librak 380P - Pneumatic wheel lock.

Librak 380PS - Pneumatic wheel lock and a laser pointer for weight positioning.



 -          3 automatic ALUS programs,

-          4 ALU programs,

-          dynamic balancing program,

-          3 static balancing programs,

-          automatic PAX program,

-          motorcycle program for static and dynamic balancing,

-          Spoke  - hidden weight program,

-          Split program –splitting total unbalance into 2 smaller weights,

-          Tyre- rim optimization,

-          Eco-Weight program- minimizing wheel weights consumption.


Technical data LIBRAK 380
Rim diameter10" – 30"
Rim width1.5" – 22"
Max wheel weight70 kg
Read out accuracy1 g
Cycle time6 s.
Rotation speed<100 rpm
Power supply