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Librak 280H, HP

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Librak 280H / HP

Librak 280H 

These versatile machines are designed for easy, fast and accurate balancing of motorcycle, car and commercial wheels.

Microprocessor controlled with self-calibration and self-diagnostics.

Specific balancing programs for static, dynamic ad ALU wheels (light alloy).

One single spin low rotation speed provides all the values.

Display readout of out of balance values and the related position on the wheel.

Wheel diameter and width in inches or millimeters.

Unbalance readout in grams or ounces.

Complete with cones for trucks.

Digital calliper whith optical sensor, with alloy shaft sliding on bushes.

Automatic storageof distance and diameter up to 26".

Hidden weight program.

Backlit graphic LCD display 132 x 40 mm or Backlit monochrome graphic LCD display 120 x 90mm.


Guided balancing procedure.

Interactive inputs with multifunction keys: the funcions related to each key vary according to use and are identified on the display by graphic icons for immediate understanding

Librak 280HP
This model of professional wheel balancer offers all the features required by the most demanding operator – maximum precision is provided by the automatic measurement of the distance and diameter, and use of the automatic ALUS and PAX programs.  The balancing process is rapid due to the wheel balancer starting automatically when the cover is lowered, the automatic stopping of the wheel in the external unbalanced position, and the interactive commands which make it easy to use as the operator is guided through all the phases of the wheel balancing process.
The bright display screen guarantees optimal visibility even in poor lighting conditions.  The monitor is a 17” color TFT SVGA and is connected to an industrial PC with a static hard disk with 3D graphics.
Other characteristics:
  • Large weight trays
  • Convenient housing for the cones
  • Strong, large frame with feet fixed to the floor
  • Cover design reduces the overall machine size which allows wheels with diameters up to 1,016 mm (40") to be balanced with the cover closed
  • Digital calipers with an optical sensor and an alloy shaft sliding on bushings,
  • Automatic storage of distance and diameters up to 26"
  • Automatic spin starts when the cover is lowered
  • Automatic stopping of the wheel in the external unbalanced position


Rim diameter

10" – 30"

10"-26" (AUTOMATIC)

Rim width
1.5" – 22"
Max wheel weigt
70 kg
Read out accuracy1 g
Cycle time6 s
Rotation speed (rpm)<100
Power supply110/230V - 50/60 Hz